What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is simply a warranty for your home. It is a contract you sign with a home warranty provider. Once this is done, you will determine a payment plan, though most home warranties are paid every year and are purchased for a one-year term. But don’t worry, dear homeowner, you can renew your home warranty at the end of each term. What you can count on your home warranty to do once you have signed a contract is to pay for damage done to your home and cover the cost of the items within the home. A home warranty will pay for repairs once the deductible is paid in full.

Fortunately, home warranty deductibles are usually relatively small, which means savings for you, the homeowner. However, many people turn down a home warranty because they assume it is an unnecessary monthly charge, but in the end, it is usually worth it. The cost is usually around between $35 and $50 a month, which isn’t much when you consider the money you save. Here at AxWarranty Home, we help you find the right home warranty for your budget. How do we help you find the right home warranty? It’s pretty simple. Just visit our website, type in your contact information, and viola`! You’re done.

Once this is done, a home warranty provider will contact you with all the information you’ll need to determine which home warranty suits your needs. AxWarranty Home is not an insurance agency and our employees are not brokers. We are a type of “middle-man,” in the sense that we help you find the right home warranty once you’ve filled out our online contact form. Once you choose the right home warranty, you can expect it to cover plumbing issues, electrical systems, built-in microwaves, and appliances, both big and small. A home warranty will also cover roof repairs, walls, foundation, flooring, and even a water heater. If you have ever had to pay for any of these items you already know they can be extremely expensive.

However, with the purchase of a home warranty, you could save thousands of dollars. Remember, most home warranties have small deductibles, which you would pay upfront before repairs begin. Some home warranties require a fee to cover the technician as well as the deductible. But then you have no other bills to pay.

The home warranty will cover all damages, providing you with peace of mind. And isn’t that the most important aspect of a home warranty? Peace of mind? We think so, which is why we work so hard to help our customers find the right home warranty. Let us make one thing clear. A home warranty is not insurance. It only covers repairs, which is why it is so important to get a home warranty. No one likes to pay for home repairs, but when that time comes, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you will have a warranty that covers the majority of the cost when that time comes? 

We at AxWarranty Home understand what it’s like to have to pay for home repairs because many of us are homeowners ourselves and we’ve felt the pain that goes along with paying for home repairs. For AxWarranty Home, helping our customers get the best warranty is personal for us, which is why we work so hard to help you get the most affordable warranty on the market. Now, you may be thinking why should I get a home warranty when I have homeowner’s insurance? Think of a home warranty as supplemental coverage. It steps in and covers parts of the home that homeowner’s insurance does not cover. You should start feeling the peace of mind that goes with owning a home warranty. 

Are you feeling a sense of peace? Relaxed? Less worried? Good. Then we’re moving in the right direction because a home warranty offers the homeowner a sense of peace just knowing that it’s in place to pay for unforeseen damages to your home.

When you look at a home warranty in this fashion, it’s not hard to imagine it as a safety net surrounding your home. Just imagine for a second your dishwasher stops working, and you call a maintenance specialist, only to learn that it will cost over $300 to fix. But wait, you forgot you have a home warranty, so you contact your warranty company, and all they require is you pay the fee for the repair technician, usually between $75 and $125. All of a sudden, you’re getting your dishwasher repaired for half of what it would cost without a home warranty. 

We here at AxWarranty Home understand it can be frustrating trying to find the right home warranty, especially where there are so many companies out there, and they’re all advertising on the internet. If you attempt to find one on your own, it will take hours. Then what happens if you choose one and find out the monthly cost is too high, or the repair fee is twice what it was supposed to be? AxWarranty Home doesn’t want you to have to go through all of that, which is why we will find you the most affordable home warranty that you can depend on. 

The best thing is we don’t charge you at all. That’s right. You heard it correctly. We will find you the home warranty that best fits your wallet, and we will do it for absolutely nothing! You can’t beat that. So, get yourself into a comfortable position, open your computer, or turn on your phone and go to our website and follow the simple directions in order to get the best home warranty available. You see, what happens after you follow the directions and input your personal information is that a group of home warranty companies will be notified. 

Within a day, they will contact you with all the pertinent information you will need to open a home warranty contract. You will finally feel secure knowing your home and appliances are fully covered.

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